The Sidekick is a season 3 episode of Gumball.398px-Sidekicktitle


Gumball and Darwin try to get a game back from Tobias, but Darwin begins to feel like he is just a sidekick to Gumball.


The episode starts with Gumball and Darwin using their imagination to mimic a game they lent to Tobias in the backyard. Unfortunately, the laws of physics in video games differ from those in real life. This becomes evident when, upon collecting the "wings" power up, Darwin is still unable to fly. After a few painful attempts at flying over a wall, Gumball gets frustrated and urges Darwin to try harder. Darwin complains that breaking the laws of physics is difficult, to which Gumball suggests that he just grow wings in the same way he grew legs. The argument ends with Gumball mashing the crouch button. Darwin, somehow connected to the controller, is forced to comply. The crouch button gets stuck, sticking Darwin in an infinite loop until he crashes. Gumball reboots him and expresses his disappointment in using their imagination to play a game. Darwin, cheerful as ever, is hopeful that Tobias will fulfill his promise and return their game tomorrow.

The next day, upon approaching Tobias about their game, he nervously explains that he forgot to bring it. The same thing happens for the next several days, with Tobias constantly promising to bring it the next day. After a while, Gumball gets fed up with waiting and ponders alternative methods to get the game back. He decides that war is their only option. He turns to Darwin, asking him to follow him into battle. Darwin, however, wants to lead instead of follow this time. Gumball scoffs at him, causing Darwin to drop the issue.

At the library, Darwin complains about how people keep sending him e-mails to Gumball's inbox instead of his own. Gumball doesn't think that is a big deal, so Darwin takes him to a classroom and shows him the yearbook. In the yearbook, Darwin's profile is recognized as nothing more than a subordinate to Gumball, instead of his own person. Gumball still doesn't see the issue, so Darwin literally carries him over to the hall. Darwin asks one of the Eggheads if he recognizes him, and he's surprised that "Gumball's orange bag" can talk.


Minor CharactersEdit


  • This episode aired in the UK before the US.
  • When the lasagna flew into Juke's "mouth", he plays the same tune as heard originally from "The Skull" where Banana Joe shed a tear in sorrow.


  • Gumball's photo from "The Photo" can be seen in the yearbook, despite the fact this episode predates it in broadcast order.
  • The happy hamburger from "The Flakers" makes a cameo in the background when Gumball and Darwin were running way from Mr. Small giving them change.

Cultural ReferencesEdit

  • The game pad Gumball uses to control Darwin is similar to the controller for the SNES.
  • When Gumball resets Darwin, a beep similar to the Game Boy start up sound can be heard.


  • When Gumball and Darwin were strolling Mrs. Wilson below the Doughnut Sheriff's car, the eyes and mouth drawn on her mouth and blindfold disappeared, yet are back in the next scene.